YYAS Alumni Ambassadors

YYAS Alumni Ambassadors employ a little extra creativity in sharing information about the program. Some hang and share flyers about the upcoming program, others make a video, write a blog or post other social media messages, and still others hold an information session for youth in their communities. In fact, some hard-working alumni do all three! We appreciate the time and energy our alumni put into helping YYAS reach talented secondary school students all across the continent. Click below to meet some of our Ambassadors.

Phyllis Mugadza

YYAS 2015

Video and Social Media

Sope Olusegun-Larty

YYAS 2016

Blog and Social Media

Sekou Jabateh

YYAS 2016

Blog and Social Media


Gelila Wolle

YYAS 2015

Blog and Information session 

Jola Oke

YYAS 2015

Blog and Social Media 

Tehut Tesfaye

YYAS 2015

Blog and Information session 


Bethel Yalew

YYAS 2014

Information session, Blog, and Social Media

Collins Kiprop

YYGS 2013 

School outreach and Information Sessions 

Mabedi Sennanyana

YYAS 2015

Information Session, BlogSocial Mediaand School Article 


Tashinga Chihwai

YYAS 2015

Community Outreach

Tito Yak

YYGS 2013

School outreach and Information Sessions