Adeyemo Opeyemi

YYAS 2019 Kenya

“YYAS program has really impacted my life educationally, socially, emotionally, physically and even in all viral aspect of my life. As one of the participants in YYAS 2019 in Kenya I was really enlightened and inspired to various things that I never knew before.My first workshop at YYAS program was such an amazing and interesting one.Through the program,I was opportuned to meet different people from different country in Africa.My participation really enlighten me the more on admission process to Universities and colleges all over the universe and I was really enlighten more on how to SAT exam won’t be a big burden to me again.During my stay,I participated in various diagnosis test which I found so amazing. I could really flash back and remember on our fifth day in the campus,I was prevailed to come in contact with different admission officers from different colleges and also have a one on one communication with them. My participation in the YYAS program was very amazing and exciting all through and I will want every student to be a partaker of this great experience.”

Ambassador Activities: 

- Information session

- Social media posts