Arya Naik

Zimbabwe, Mauritius
YYAS 2020 Online

“Despite the chaos the COVID-19 caused in 2020, I was granted the privilege of exploring possible pathways for my future as a leader and innovator with the assistance of world class advisors. I was able to learn about interdisciplinary concepts that I would never have learnt in school such as how language affects our behaviour and perceptions as individuals and communities with cultural differences. I was also able to gain a better understanding of core academics for the SAT which I found to be vital for me as an aspiring American university attendee. The most memorable part of my YYAS experience was connecting with students across the continent and discussing realistic, feasible yet creative solutions. For example, in the ‘Water for Wellness’ seminar, my group members and I discussed logistics from costs to hygiene to space efficiency. My motivation to innovate and ultimately give back to Africa was heightened by the truly inspiring talk by Isaac Sesi, a successful entrepreneur who started from scratch with nothing and is now helping farmers all across Africa with his invention. I believe that YYAS gave me a sense of direction as to how to achieve my short term as well as long term goals.”

Ambassador Activities: 

- Information session

- Flyer distribution

- Social media posts