Hussain Mansaray

Sierra Leone
YYAS 2020 Online

“YYAS gave me golden opportunity to showcase my leadership skills and to move into the path of becoming a good leader.YYAS gave me the voice to take up leadership through democratic elections and bring the change I want to see in my country and Africa as a whole.I was able to meet different people and learn about their culture and traditions.After YYAS,I was able to know who I am and what I want to become in the future.I was able to know in what specific way I would have and impact on Africa.I was able to move my advocacy into remote communities as this gave me the opportunity to know about the needs of the poor.YYAS made me know the essence of leadership as this moves me one step closer in achieving the aims and goals I have for Africa.Being a Yale Young African Scholars Alumni,I am now prepared and proactive in transforming Africa and I’m ready to face the brighter world ahead.Thank You YYAS for such opportunity.”

Ambassador Activities: 

- Blog post

- Flyer distribution