Kosi Daniel

YYAS 2020 Online

The YYAS Online program was one like no other, aside from the fact that it was held online, within the 4 days that the program was held I was able to have a fully immersive experience! The most memorable event was being able to live chat with other students while we were listening to the speaker during our seminars, this way as we listened we were able to share thoughts, opinions and perspective on the topic, which was really fun. What I took home from YYAS is that there is just not one concrete side to a story, I got to hear different sides of things and really challenged some preconceived   notion I have held. With YYAS I have become more vocal with my thoughts and ideas, during the program I was given a platform and I feel that this is so important to provide the youth a platform. I am so grateful to be able to be a part of such a vibrant inclusive community.” 

Ambassador Activities: 

- Information session

- Social media posts

- Video

- Blog post