Kuir Akech

South Sudan
YYAS 2020 Online

During the program, I interacted with various teenagers from distinct corners of the African continent and made friends that I still communicate with up to date. Moreover, it also made me understand where I come from and distinguish it with other people’s environments that attended the program. The best part of the entire program was the chat with a Ghanaian Entrepreneur because I learned a lot from his entrepreneurial journey, the challenges he faced as an Entrepreneur and more especially how to provide reputable solutions to any problem we go through our daily lives. However, YYAS enlightened me on how to find out my capability and how to boost it as adequately. In a nutshell, I do not have promising statements to interpret the Yale Young African Sholars program but I would say “it is an educational enrichment program for young arising student leaders from the African continent.” If you would like to realize your full potential within Seven(7) days, then Yale Young African Scholars Program is the ethical program for you!”

Ambassador Activities: 

- Information session

- Social media posts

- Flyer distribution