Lelan Beukes

YYAS 2020 Online

“My name is Lelan Beukes,I was introduced to the YYAS programme by a close friend about a year ago. She said to me that it is an amazing programme and that: ”You need to apply”. I never knew that something so seemingly miniscule would become such an impactful factor to my life, opening many doors of opportunity. Going into the YYAS programme I was unsure about what exactly I would pick up from the unique experience, as I was very shy and lacked confidence, but soon enough I would never regret the life changing experience.

was never as informed about the living conditions and circumstances of the other countries of Africa until now. I was informed about the harsh financial and economic state of Zimbabwe and what people are doing to cater to the situation, with Zimbabwe’s dedicated and patriotic citizens. I was told about the pollution and population density of other countries making me feel much more grateful to be a proud citizen of Namibia.

Furthermore, I made friends during the YYAS programme who helped making the experience more comfortable and brought a lot of diversity through different cultures and knowledge. The friends I made helped me understand more about my fellow African countries, they gave me advice when I needed it and assisted me with the navigation of the program.

Most importantly, the experience brought opportunity as I was guided to apply to different recommended universities, as I received various helpful insights benefiting me and making my application process a breeze. This will surely open doors to my future and might be the collision needed to bring success to my life one day in the future.

In conclusion, the programme has molded Lelan Beukes into an evolved version of her character, just like my friend told me I will tell you, that you need to apply!”

Ambassador Activities: 

- Blog post

- Information session

- Social media posts

- Flyer distribution