Library in a Box

Project Leader: Namale Esther Florence

Home Country: Uganda

YYAS Program: YYAS 2020 Online

“In March 2020 following the outbreak of a global pandemic of COVID-19, many nations including Uganda shut down. Schools closed and close to 15 million school going children in Uganda were locked in their homes. On realizing that schools were not opening soon 3 months later after the lock down, yet students from well to do schools and families were studying on-line, I came up with an innovation called Library In a Box (LIB). It responds to the academic needs of the less privileged students in the slums through ensuring continuous learning at home during the lock down. The project networks with partner schools to collect reading materials and reference which are put in a wooden box which is stuck on a motorbike which rides through vulnerable communities distributing to learners. Learners work in small groups of 3-4 and they borrow text books for reference as they answer questions. After 4 days the motorcycle returns while collecting the work done and new assignments provided. Teachers in the network schools mark and grade learners with corrections. The learners receive their answer sheets on the next community visit. Library In a Box (LIB) helped vulnerable students who did not have access to technology in Uganda continue to learn during lock down like their counterparts elsewhere who were studying on-line.”