Mitia Mandimby Ratsimbaniaina

YYAS 2020 Online

“YYAS is the experience of my life because I never imagined that one day I would participate in this kind of program, which can be classified as an international program. I have learned so much during this program, YYAS has helped me grow in many areas. The session with Isaac Sesi was the most motivating for me because his session has taught me that life is not easy but you must never give up, all the lessons he has given me are really necessary to move forward in life. YYAS gave me the opportunity to discuss and exchange with other young Africans like me, I could see that despite the distance I was able to create links with other talented young Africans, it gave me the desire to discover other cultures apart from my own. YYAS has really oriented me on the university entrance process and that’s why I would like other young Malagasy like me to have the chance to participate in this kind of program which has oriented me a lot on the university process because in Madagascar many young graduates do not know what to do after the baccalaureate, they are completely disoriented and they are simply looking for work instead of continuing their studies at the university. Seeing the talented young Africans during this program has really motivated me to improve my country, this program has also taught me that even as a young person we can help in the development of our country. We are the future of our African continent, so let’s get active to achieve our development projects for our dear continent.”

Ambassador Activities: 

- Information session

- Video

- Local news article