Nada Hage

YYAS 2020 Online

Fun, enriching and eye-opening, are the three words I would use to describe YYAS. When I got accepted into the program, I was very excited. But my excitement was cut short when I saw that it was going to be held online and we were not going to get any merchandise as well. Yes, I sobbed a little and yes, I got over it. To make up for my loss, I made sure to make a short video every day and show my outfit and hairstyle of the day. Even though the program lasted for four days, we did a lot; from talking about mental health to talking about financial aid. The seminar on climate change which was led by Houcine was one that I would never forget. His presentation was on point and I made new friends in the breakout session. I also loved that we were able to speak to the other instructors from different universities and learn from them. The fact that we were able to meet and gain contact with so many admission officers is what surprised me the most; never did I imagine it was possible! YYAS has really motivated me to keep pushing forward. I heard different stories of how ordinary people like me are making it in life and I can too! Even if it is not something extraordinary, starting something is always worthwhile. I am glad YYAS was my first step in networking internationally. The friends I have made from so many countries is mind-blowing. These young children of Africa are very unique and wonderful and they continue to inspire me every day. I am very grateful I was chosen to be part of the YYAS family. And I hope everyone eligible would not let this opportunity pass them by.”

Ambassador Activities: 

- Video

- Information session

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