Omorinsola Olubayo

YYAS 2020 Online

“The YYAS program is an opportunity that I am very grateful to have come in contact with. During the program, I learnt so many things ranging from different seminar discussions where I learnt about the African culture and also how to conserve the environment, to a talk with an entrepreneur, Isaac Sesi, I also took a career test and also had the opportunity to listen to various representatives from different universities and pre University programmes. This was the most memorable part of the programme for me because, it helped me make the right decision. Today, I have been admitted into African Leadership Academy and I am really grateful to the YYAS program for exposing me to such information. Also having to meet different people from almost all the countries in my continent and discuss about how we can make Africa better is something I will never forget because the knowledge imparted in me has helped me also inspire so many teenagers and youths in my community to make a positive change. From the YYAS programme, I learnt that there is a lot of power in Africa and if we all work together in unity, things will be a lot better. I have also learnt that knowledge is to be implemented and not to be wasted. This means that as an African girl, I have to implement all the knowledge gained from YYAS and more that I will still gain, in line with other young African leaders, to move Africa forward.”

Ambassador Activities: 

- Information session

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- Video