Ryan Tangu Mbun Tangwe

YYAS 2020 Online

“I’ve got So many memories from YYAS 2020 which all fit in the criteria of ‘Most Memorable’. A key takeaway from the Live Uni-Guidance and the talk with University Representatives, is that through my essays to universities I can sell my unique story which can earn me a spot regardless of my SAT results and other grades. The admissions officers are more interested in who I actually am, and not who I think they want me to be. I’ve learned to find people who are where I aspire to be and connect with them. The chat with the entrepreneur Mr. Isaac Sessi from whom I learned to find those who believe in me and the right people to work with, to start with my WHY, and to pursue excellence after which success will follow me literally pants down. The RASIEC Career Guidance, Seminars, and SDG Seminars, Uni-Real Talk, and every other bit of the program was memorable. It imparted in me a sense of confidence and re-enforces to me that I have what it takes to access the tertiary education I deserve and desire. It fostered in me a sense of commitment and responsibility to my community and my continent. Through YYAS, my awareness and knowledge base are broadened and I can now clearly see the opportunities available to me and can hence make well improved and informed decisions.”

Ambassador Activities: 

- Information session

- Blog post

- Flyer distribution