YYAS 2020 Online

“I was so uninformed before the program. I had no idea what university I wanted to go to and how to apply. By the end of day three of the program, that changed. I sat behind my computer, eyes glued to the screen and taking in everything each college had to offer. Columbia, NYU, Carleton and many more colleges were represented by admission officers, talking about applying and financial aid. It was the second best part of the whole program. The first best, however, was the career guidance. As teenagers, we realize that we can’t just change what we say everytime someone asks us what we want to become. I can’t just say I want to become an Optometrist because it’s a cool word I heard someone say. I actually have to make a choice and even after that, I don’t know where to go from there. It wasn’t until I heard CEO Isaac Sesi of Sesi Technologies talk that I knew what it would take to become an entrepreneur, not just an Engineer. He talked about starting small and taking the leap when necessary. Everything he said sounded perfect to me and that day, I decided he could be my role model. Being a part of YYAS encouraged me to explore my options. It molded me into a proud African, who strives to come up with ideas that can make a great impact on her and her community.”

Ambassador Activities: 

- Information session

- Blog post

- Flyer distrubution