Kingdom of Eswatini
YYAS 2020 Online

“I am so glad that I actually participated in the YYAS 2020 online session which made history by being the first session to held online. This is so because I am one who is fascinated by seeing what was once deemed impossible being done. Hence the most memorable part of the session for me was the Chat With An Entrepreneur…Mr Isaac Sesi. This man actually defied all odds to start and run a very successful company without even going to business school and at the same time provide a resourceful service to the various communities. He inspired me to look beyond the obstacles I currently face and focus on the greater that lies ahead. I have since changed my mindset to doing exactly what I believe will work out in helping others instead of focusing on the negativity that often comes my way. I am positive that with all that I have learnt from YYAS including that which has not been mentioned above I shall bring the positive change I want to see.”

Ambassador Activities: 

- Information session

- Flyer distribution

- Video