Youth Movement for Health and the Environment

Project Leader: Arthur Cesar Njitchou Nkwa

Home Country: Cameroon

YYAS Program: 2019 Ghana

My name is Arthur Cesar Njitchou and I’m from Cameroon. I attended YYAS 2019 in Ghana. During my experience in Accra, Ghana, I met many other young people who are passionate about nature and having a love for the environment. The program took place at Tema international school, I was surprised by the level of cleanliness of the establishment which was an inspiration to make my community so clean. In addition, what inspired me to set up this project is climate change and the destruction of the environment in the world. In order to get my hands on this edifice I wanted to make my contribution as much as possible to protect the environment. My experience at YYAS, allowed me to better assert my personality, and the YYAS team gave me the opportunity to carry out this project to impact my community. This project changed the lives of several Cameroonian citizens.

The name of my project is “Youth Movement for Health and the Environment”. My country (Cameroon) faces many challenges, including unsanitary conditions (poorly maintained bins, bins at all levels, road waste); Normally, it is the cleaning company HYSACAM which is in charge of collecting garbage in the different parts of Cameroon. This company is not regularly present in the different districts of Yaounde (my city). The real problem is therefore insalubrity in the political capital of the city of Yaounde.

The implementation of my project was done in three stages:

The first step was a great mobilization for the work sessions. Where I used to go to the houses in my neighborhood to ask the young people to join me in cleaning up the community. They responded nicely to the call. We had around 60 young people hired.

The second step was: Clean the streets, roads, stadiums, the surroundings of the houses. The measure of success is made by the severity of cleanliness. Before our work, there was garbage, plastic paper, herbs and many other things that affect cleanliness.  Our work involved collecting everything, cleaning, unclogging the canals, pulling out the weeds to make the place spotless.

The third step was: awareness, a call for environmental education and a change of mentality. We went door to door to talk to parents, children and anyone else who could understand the concept of “cleanliness” and “living together”. It was therefore a question of showing the good made by cleanliness using images, objects as well as stories for a better understanding of the concept of “cleanliness”.

This project made the surroundings clean ended up changing hearts.

Thank you to all who helped me.