ZUHA Africa

Project Lead: Emmanuel Muletambo

Home Country: Zambia

YYAS Program: 2019 Ghana 


My name is Emmanuel Muletambo. I am a Zambian Yale Young African Scholars alum.

Having participated in The Yale Young African Scholars Program is one of my biggest achievements. I feel so lucky. This program’s great impact in my life can never be over emphasized. To try and describe YYAS, I would say it is a once in a life time experience of academic enrichment, leadership skills training and capacity building, which goes a really long way. I mustn’t delay to make mention that my life has never been the same after attending YYAS.

Actually, I have come to realize that this program does not only have a positive impact on the individuals who participate in it, but goes an extra mile in influencing change within many African communities. Well, I think YYAS indeed equips young leaders, molds change makers who go back to their communities to provide solutions to the many social challenges African communities are faced with.

For my community and indeed the entire global community, I have decided to initiate the ZUHA Africa – tree project. This is my social impact project aimed at joining the fight against climate change. My project identifies tree planting to be its major activity as it conducts other activities to effectively have a great impact in Africa and the rest of the world. When I started this project, I only began with about 30 trees. Currently, I have over 500 indigenous and exotic trees and have since distributed 150 to various schools. The project also conducts sensitization campaigns that spread climate change awareness across the globe.

ZUHA Africa – tree project’s vision is to lead the way to a healthier planet by fighting against climate change, creating a better place for every life.

Awake. Plant a tree. Heal the earth

Thank you.