In order to apply to YYAS, applicants must fulfill all of the following requirements:

  • Age: You must be at least 14 years old by application deadline (06 February 2019) in order to be considered. A typical YYAS student is between the ages of 15 and 18

  • English: You must be able to participate in a rigorous academic curriculum conducted in English

  • Citizenship: You must be a citizen or permanent resident of an African country

  • School location: You must currently attend school in an African country

  • Graduation date: If you attend school in the Northern Hemisphere, you must be graduating secondary school in May/June 2020 or 2021. If you attend school in the Southern Hemisphere, you must be graduating secondary school in November/December 2019 or 2020. 

If you are currently in your final year or term of secondary school, have already graduated secondary school, or are a university student, then you are NOT eligible to apply.

If you are a YYAS or YYGS alumnus/a, you may NOT apply for YYAS. (*However, if you are a YYAS alumnus/a, you can apply to YYGS if eligible.)

Questions? Please visit our FAQs page, or email us at african.scholars@yale.edu.