YYAS Program Content

Seminars and SDG Seminars

Seminars are interdisciplinary, standalone classes taught by Yale University students on various topics relating to the African continent, including the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The seminar-style classes offer a taste of what they will experience in a university learning environment. Past seminars have included:

  • Water for Wellness, an SDG Seminar
  • Language and its Effects on Our Behavior
  • Afro-Innovation, an SDG Seminar
  • Why Do We Sleep?
  • Foreign Aid in Africa


Yale University instructors lead small groups of students through various activities designed to develop strong bonds with peers from around Africa through identity reflection, courageous conversations, active listening, and fun social activities.

Career Guidance

Career guidance exposes students to different career pathways through interactive talks led by prominent professionals in their field. Students choose from one of four career tracks, including communications, technology, entrepreneurship, and public health.  

University Admissions and Financial Aid

University representatives spend two days with YYAS students and present on curriculum, financial aid, and their individual institutions. Past universities that have participated include Johns Hopkins University, Columbia University, Rice University, Sciences Po, African Leadership University, Ashesi University, and more.  


After the YYAS program, students have the opportunity to receive a mentor who will serve as one of the many post-YYAS resources available to students.  Mentors are on-hand to help YYAS students in several areas, such as identifying extracurricular activities, selecting universities, writing essays, and test preparation strategies.