In line with YYAS’s mission, we aim to provide African secondary school students with the necessary tools, knowledge, and resources to navigate the university admissions and financial aid application processes.

It is in this spirit that we have put together this Resource Guide that is meant to help focus students’ attention on those universities and colleges that provide financial aid to international students; financial aid guidelines; standardized test preparation materials; and a wide variety of other opportunities such as gap year programs, internships, writing competitions, and more. Click the links on the left side of the page to access the different information. The lists provided herein are NOT comprehensive. Rather, they are meant to serve as a starting point for students who wish to pursue post-secondary studies (i.e. tertiary level education, undergraduate studies, or higher education) in Africa and around the world.

Even if you are not eligible to apply for YYAS, many of the resources herein may be useful to you. We have tried to collect information for all Arican students interested in seeking educational opportunities in their own countries, elsewhere on the African continent, or abroad. Please see the links below to begin exploring some of these options.

If you have any questions about the opportunities listed, you should contact the institution or opportunity directly to request more information. Please do NOT email YYAS with queries.

If you are a university, organization, education access program, etc. and would like us to add your site as an additional resource, please email us at