Frequently Asked Questions

When is the deadline?

You must submit an application no later than 11:59pm EST on 03 February 2022. Late applications will not be accepted. 

is there any chance yyas 2022 will be in person?

No. To keep everyone safe during the global pandemic, YYAS 2022 will be an online program.

How will i access the online program? 

YYAS will utilize a variety of online platforms before, during, and after the program. Admitted students will be given directions and information on how to access and use these platforms at the appropriate time.

do I have to attend all seven days of the program?

Yes. Due to the intensive nature of each session, we require that every participant commit to the entire duration of the session. Students will receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of the program.

How many students do you accept?

We accept 300-400 students per admissions cycle.

Is there a Maximum number of students you admit per country (i.e. quota)?


How and when will applicants be notified of admissions decisions?

All applicants will receive an email with their admission decision by mid-April 2022. Please ensure your email and contact information are correctly entered when completing your application to avoid any miscommunication or delay in notification.

How much does it cost to participate in YYAS?

To make YYAS accessible to students from all backgrounds, there is no tuition cost to participate in the Program. YYAS is free for all admitted students. 


I am currently enrolled in secondary school in Africa but am younger than 14 years of age. Can I still apply?

No. YYAS does not accept applications from students who are younger than 14 years old by the application deadline (03 February 2022). 

I receive high school instruction in a language other than English. Exactly how strong does my English need to be?

You must be able to do difficult, sustained academic work in English, including reading, writing, and speaking with a high level of fluency. For example, you need to be able to easily read a long article from a magazine or a book and be able to discuss it easily with native English speakers. In addition, you must be capable of writing an essay such that your thoughts are clear, even if your grammar and spelling still have some mistakes.

YYAS does not require TOEFL or other English proficiency exam scores, but applicants who do not attend an English-medium school may be contacted with a request to schedule a phone interview with the YYAS admission committee.

I am about to graduate from secondary school. Can I apply to YYAS?

No.  We do not accept applications from students in their final term or year of secondary school.


I cannot access the online application. Help!

Please try accessing the application with a different internet browser and/or using a different computer. Also be sure that you change your Internet settings to disable pop-up blockers, allow cookies, and enable JavaScript. If you continue to have problems, contact us at with a detailed description of the issue.

I am having problems with the application. Who do I contact for assistance?

Contact us at with a detailed description of the problem. Be sure to include your full name and reference number.

What is a “school transcript”?

A school transcript, or a grade report, is an official document produced on the school’s letterhead that includes a list of classes and the marks you’ve received at your current school. Your grade point average (GPA) and class rank are usually included on the transcript if those are calculated by the school. (Not all schools calculate GPA and/or class rank, and YYAS does not require this information.) In order to avoid confusion, please provide this information to the school official responsible for submitting your transcript.

Must I include my national exams as well?

Yes. If available, national exam scores should be submitted along with your school transcript or grade report. These can be combined into one multi-page document for submission.

I do not have access to my school transcript or grade report, but I do have a copy of my national exams. Can I submit these instead?


Who should I ask to complete my recommendation?

The evaluation must be completed by a teacher in an academic subject who knows you well. Recommendations from parents/guardians, siblings, relatives, family friends, and/or paid private tutors/counselors will NOT be accepted.

How should a teacher’s recommendation be submitted?

Recommendations must be completed directly by teachers themselves. We will NOT accept recommendations written or submitted by students on behalf of their teachers. Teachers should rate their students through the secure link provided by the student. The link will appear in a teacher’s email inbox once an applicant has entered their information in the online application under the appropriate heading.

If a teacher encounters difficulties accessing the secure link, he/she may email contact us via

When is the deadline to receive the recommendation letter from my teacher?

All application components—including your teacher’s recommendation—must be submitted by the 03 February 2022 deadline at 11:59pm EST.

I finished my application! What’s next?

Once you complete all components of the online application form, be sure to hit “Submit”, otherwise your application will not be entered into our system or considered for admission. Afterwards, make sure to check the “Application Status” page to confirm your application is in fact complete and that you are not missing any materials, such as your transcript or recommendation letter.

YYAS is NOT responsible for late or incomplete applications, or for applications that are finished but not officially submitted.

How do I check to see if my application is complete?

You may check your application status by logging into your online application. Materials, such as your transcript and letter of recommendation, that are still missing from your application will have a red “X” and “Awaiting” message next to the item name. If you are having technical difficulties, or are unable to see whether your application is complete or not, you may email us at