Alumnus Founds Initiative to Improve Education Access in Cameroon and Beyond

February 4, 2020

Forsi Ferdinand is a teenager on a mission to improve education access in Africa. Forsi grew up in Cameroon and was entering 11th grade when a sociopolitical crisis caused high schools to close across his region. After staying home for a year, Forsi had the chance to continue his high school education in the capital, Yaoundé. Unfortunately, many of his school mates were not so lucky. That’s when Forsi had an idea.

“After graduating, my friends who could not leave the crisis affected regions pleaded to use my notes and textbooks, but I could only satisfy one. I decided to start a book donation campaign urging high school graduates to donate their used textbooks and notebooks. Then, I paired the books with students in the crisis affected areas to help them prepare for National Exams since schools are not really functioning there after 3 years of crisis.”

In August 2019, he made his initiative official with the founding of his non-profit, Edumail. Forsi has a vision to bring educational support to students in crisis areas all over Africa. Forsi’s efforts have earned him some much-deserved recognition with his recent selection as a 2020 Global Teen Leader with Three Dot Dash, a year-long mentoring and social entrepreneur incubator program for young people making differences in their communities.

A 2018 Yale Young African Scholars (YYAS) alumnus, Forsi credits part of who he is today to the YYAS program, “YYAS contributed greatly to the person I am now. YYAS made me believe in myself by enhancing my self-confidence. Also, YYAS made me to have friends who I constantly discuss things with from many countries in Africa.” YYAS is proud to have alumni like Forsi who are changing the world for the better. 

Forsi is currently working on his initiative and is busy applying to universities in Ghana and the US. He is hoping to earn a degree and gain skills to help him better serve his community. Forsi is ready and willing to connect with YYAS alumni who are interested in making change in their communities, so please reach out to YYAS if you are interested in being connected.

Check out Edumail’s Facebook page to learn more: