Social Impact Finalists Announced for 2022-2023 Cycle

January 31, 2024

We are very excited to introduce our top five projects from our 2023 Social Impact Challenge!

Since 2019, Yale Young African Scholars (YYAS) alumni have been invited to identify challenges and opportunities in their communities and take action through their own individual projects. Alumni are able to choose any problem for their projects to address, and approach the problem however they see fit.  Projects be short or long term, and can be done individually or as a group. The goal is for alumni to take the skills they learn back to their home countries and communities to begin making change through meaningful activities and community engagement.

Learn more about the top projects below:


The Golden Summer Initiative (Malcolm Kazimil, Tanzania)

The Golden Summer Initiative (GSI) seeks to tackle the systemic issue of inadequate educational opportunities for underprivileged children in Tanzania by empowering high school and university students to provide educational and emotional support to marginalized communities during their summer breaks, combating the stigma of illiteracy.


WIW-FLOW (Chidimma Chima, Nigeria)

This project seeks to tackle period poverty and improve menstrual hygiene among schoolgirls in Nigeria, aiming to prevent health risks like toxic shock syndrome and mitigate educational disparities caused by a lack of menstrual supplies.


KET Academy (Mbafor Joshua Foghang, Cameroon)

KET Academy aims to address the lack of access to academic materials, mentoring, and counseling among secondary and high school students in Cameroon, with a long-term impact on academic performance and future career prospects.

Purifa (Lofty-John Anyanwu & Aiyegbusi Oladimeji, Nigeria)

Purifa aims to address the global issue of water scarcity and lack of access to clean and safe water, which millions face every day, through collecting data and raising awareness about water scarcity and pollution by creating blogs, posting articles, and infographics. 


Tech-It (Louis Binda, Zambia)

A project that addresses the widespread illiteracy in Zambia by providing practical ICT skills, like web authoring, to improve students’ exam preparation and knowledge.