YYAS 2022 Online Code of Conduct

Yale Young African Scholars (YYAS) will run as an online program in 2022. Participants agree to be responsible members of our online community and adhere to our code of conduct:

  1. Respect Others

    • Participants will show respect for others and not engage in any form of harassment, hazing, intimidation, or bullying. This includes any behavior (emails, phone calls, texting, social media platforms, images or other non-verbal behavior of any sort, cyber-gossip, using participants’ names, etc.), intended to offend or intimidate another person, including participants and staff.
    • Participants may not discriminate against anyone on the basis of the individual’s sex, race, color, religion, age, disability, national origin, or sexual orientation.?
    • Participants will show respect for others: disrespectful behaviors (such as lying, swearing, threatening, etc.) towards a staff member or fellow participants is not tolerated.
    • If you are experiencing harassment, bullying, discrimination, or unwanted contact online or in-person please report it to your parent/guardian, teacher or trusted adult that is physically with you and can help. They will contact the Director of YYAS (african.scholars@yale.edu) as needed.

  2. Academic Honesty

    • Participants are expected to conduct themselves with honesty and integrity. Cheating on assignments, plagiarism, or improper acknowledgment of sources will not be tolerated.
    • Academic dishonesty includes all forms of misrepresentation in academic work, including any form of plagiarism, failure to acknowledge ideas or language taken from others, and the submission of work prepared by another person.
    • Participants will not take content of any kind, including but not limited to papers, in whole or in part, from electronic sources online and must always acknowledge sources, including those from the Internet, and do their best to track down original authors. Plagiarism in any way will not be tolerated.

  3. Online Learning

    • Participants should assure that they have a computer, a tablet or a phone and access to a reliable Internet connection. This will allow for access to the digital platforms that will be used during the program (Canvas and Zoom) and for full student participation. Zoom will be used for all seminars, university guidance and admissions days under the supervision of YYAS staff. The links for all meetings will be emailed to the students prior to the start of the summer sessions. Canvas will host the program’s discussion forums including those to be held on Zoom, and all the preparation materials for seminars, university guidance, SAT and the social impact project.

    • Participants need to check their personal email provided to the program at throughout each day to access important communications and Canvas access credentials.

    • Instructors and program staff will work with students to share guidelines around appropriate and effective video-conferencing behavior for the different components.

    • It is mandatory for participants to join all components of the program from a quiet room and never while they are out and about doing something else.

    • Participants are expected to stop all notifications for other messages by turning notifications to “Do Not Disturb” to minimize disruptions to the program.

    • Participants should set up a clean and professional workspace. When video-conferencing, they should not have personal items or background items in sight that they wouldn’t bring into a classroom.

    • Participants will prepare their appearance and clothing for class as they would if on campus. We recommend healthy habits for diet, exercise, hydration, hygiene, sleep, and attire, as all these factors impacts their participation in our online community. Failure to do so is grounds for dismissal.

  4. Attendance

    • Participants will attend required program components including seminars, university guidance and other meetings, unless they are excused by program leadership because of internet access, health or other emergency reasons. Participants are to inform the YYAS team of any such excuse via email. Students must attend at least five (5) full days of the program to receive a Certificate of Completion.

    • Since the YYAS program is so condensed, every hour of each day counts and our staff have carefully crafted a schedule that is both cohesive and rich in content.

  5. Technology Use and Recording Policy

    • The use of smart phones, laptops, or other electronic devices for reasons outside of the curriculum including, but not limited to, texting, email, games, coding, art, social media, or browsing the internet is prohibited during program components. Students will be asked to turn off their phones or other sources of distraction.

    • Cell phones and/or any other device capable of taking photographs or recording video may not be used to take photographs or video without the knowledge of the subject of those images or in any manner that would violate the privacy of others.

    • Video, audio, or digital recording of program sessions including seminars, university guidance, SAT, discussion sessions, and presentations is strictly forbidden and grounds for dismissal. Participants are encouraged to take notes for personal use, but recording program sessions without written permission is grounds for dismissal. This extends to material about the program, its programmatic content, handouts, and remarks – written, verbal, or recorded – that are shared by students via Canvas, Zoom, websites, blogs, and social networks.